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I am not claiming to be a designer, nor a web-master, I am just a person, that provides a service in the adult industry. I also would like to assist you all, other providers in the industry. I provide an affordable on-line presence assistance design service, at the fraction of the cost of a web design company.

I will only be charging you costs. Don’t expect a grand design however. Take a look at my website, and decide for yourself. Is it worth the $250 I am charging as a service for a complete site? This includes the pages, and the blog, if you so incline.

So, what are the costs you might ask? The domain, is the most important one. As you only are doing this in your spare time, I would suggest you not to spend so much on this, even though it is an investment if you were doing other business other than being a companion to a male/ female. Hosting is  another. These ‘costs’ usually bills every 12 months, if you budget right, you should be OK. Also you would need a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as you would have noticed from my post here, you need it, as Google is not playing nice with those who hasn’t got one on their site.

Let me break the costs down:

  • Domain name, I would suggest free, from dot.tk. Why? Because it is a Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand located in the South Pacific. Or if you fancy spending a little money, then namecheap is your best bet.
  • Hosting I would also suggest namecheap, as they are the best for the first year, and $40.00 for subsequent years, for 3 websites.
  • SSL certificates also can be obtained from namecheap, and it costs about $10.00.

And, here is my bit, for $250.00, you get:

  • A customized free template, and a simple logo (remember, I am not a designer).
  • Setting up your social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • I will hand this over to you once completed.

Let’s talk then!

Contact me.

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