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Answering your questions about working


Naturally, I would like to answer some of the generic questions one would have about the industry.

How do I tell people that I am an escort/sex worker?

Telling people you are prostitute should be done with extreme caution. Even if a prostitute feels no shame in her profession, she should keep it among intimate friends only. Remember, this is an aspect of society that many people can never understand or accept. Even people who appear non-judgemental towards sex workers might not fully understand the plight of a prostitute. Be prepared to face social castigation (rejection).

Having said that, such a secret is difficult to keep inside, because it’s a secret that has shaped sex workers. Prostitution relates to sex, and sex is an intimate, touchy subject in modern society. Sex is also unique to each individual encounter and differs with each person, and thus it’s not easily understood in the same manner by all. If an escort feels compelled to tell someone, then she must tell it to someone who makes her feel safe, a person she ultimately trusts.

How do escorts attract clients?

Well, many prostitutes do not physically go out and lure men from the streets, unless we are actually working on the street (which is not associated with ‘high-end’ escorting). Escorts do not lure ladies in per say. The transaction requires participants from both sides. Essentially, some women are looking for sex and/or companionship and the escorts are offering their services. In modern settings, escorts place advertisements either on-line or in newspapers, and clients find these websites where escorts offer their services. Agencies typically advertise on-line and in newspapers too.

I have never gone out to find clients in public settings. I advertise and let the ladies come to me. They view my website and photos and make the choice to arrange a booking with me. For ladies, seeing an escort is a bit of gamble, because clients cannot be sure of what to expect from the escort. The same can be said for escorts, as escorts do not know what to expect from their clients (generally, the hope is clients will be beautiful, polite, generous and relatively easily to please).

I am in love with a prostitute/ escort. Will our relationship be successful?

First, you need to assess what sort of prostitute he/she is. Ask: Why is he/she selling herself, and more importantly what factors lead his/her into selling himself/herself to men/women? What sort of values does this woman have? A man/woman who is in love with a prostitute must realize that a prostitute does not have the same experiences as a ‘normal’ woman/man. Therefore, a prostitute will be deeply shaped by his/her unique experiences, experiences that ‘normal’ women/men do not encounter. The experiences faced by prostitutes affect their emotions, and mostly in a negative way. For instance, a prostitute who sells herself to gain higher status (live in comfort/luxury) is likely to have a major ego followed by major insecurities. Insecurities do great damage to relationships, which I have experienced. Often, my insecurities caused me to lash out on my partners. I could not bare the idea of being wanted by only one woman, when previously I (or my alter ego) was accustomed to ‘praise’ and ‘admiration’ by numerous women.

Do Escorts Fall in Love with Clients?

Yes, it happens. But what I mentioned above illustrates that escort-client relationships are tricky. They are often unsuccessful as either the client cannot commit or the escort cannot compromise his/her work. I could never be with a woman who doesn’t ‘spoil’ me, because my addiction and ego is too strong (not something I am proud about). My poisoned theory is: why be with a woman who doesn’t spoil me when there are many of other women willing to spoil me?

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