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G-Suite discount codes! Why you would want to pay for G-Suite


Following my previous post on how to look professional while keeping costs relatively low, today I wish to discuss with you why you should invest and purchase a G-Suite package. What is G-Suite, and what are the main differences with the freebie G-Mail account?

In general, G-Suite is a collection of 11 apps split into 4 main categories. In the “Business” upgrade, you get an extra app, Google Vault (e-Discovery covering your emails, chats, documents and files).

Here are the 12 apps split by their functional categories.

  • For storage – Google Drive
  • For communication – Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+
  • For collaboration – Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Sites
  • For management – Admin and Vault

As you can see, the ‘management’ side of things, and a more ‘secure’ system are the main differences here. So should you pay? I will have to say, if you are getting busier with e-mails, then for sure. And if you collaborate with a number of people outside your organization, even more so!

Leave me a comment below for the code, if you decide to start getting on the G-Suite band wagon.

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