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Getting your website on to Facebook



Performance matters, and the big players on the web are addressing performance in their own ways. Google’s answer comes in the form of its controversial AMP; a publishing format which offers a smooth experience for their mobile search results. Google even rank listings that implement AMP more favourably.

Facebook, similarly, has devised its own initiative with Instant Articles allowing it to serve shared web content on its mobile app instantly with a native-mobile experience. Content that has been validated as being an Instant Article will be marked with the lightning emblem when it’s shared anywhere on the Facebook feed.

First, you will need to have admin or editor access to a published Facebook Page.

At the time of its inception, Instant Articles was only available to large or medium-sized publishers whose Facebook Page had at least a hundred thousand followers, or likes, with an active audience; little wonder that my pages weren’t eligible to sign up for Instant Articles back then! Nowadays, Facebook has opened Instant Articles up for all publishers of all sizes, you just need to sign up.

The process is pretty self explanatory. Even my site, with a basic 2016 wordpress theme is able to link to facebook for easy sharing…

Comment below if you need help.


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