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Google reminds website owners to move to HTTPS before October deadline



Since the beginning of this year, Google has been taking steps to make the web a more secure and private place. The first step was a “Not secure” warning on websites that collect passwords and credit cards.

On Google’s security blog, they announced the next step that is coming in October 2017 with the release of Chrome 62. The “Not secure” warning will also be on any websites without an SSL certificate where users enter data, plus all website visited in incognito mode.

Businesses are like individuals in this regard. Increasing security gets put off or ignored because it’s too expensive, too much hassle, too disruptive or doesn’t produce immediate gains. When you or I play fast and loose with security, we’re usually the only one who gets hurt. When a business with a website does the same thing, they’re not the only ones at risk. The people who visit the website can get hurt as well.

Google is trying to do something about this by pressuring companies to provide more security for the people who visit their websites. Look at the URL in the address bar in the above image. It begins with “https” which tells you something important. Any communication you have with this webpage is secure because it’s encrypted. Google doesn’t have any problems with webpages like this.

Google is pushing back against webpages with URLs that begin with “http” – no “s” – because they don’t encrypt communication between the user and the website. Communication may not be secure and the user’s interactions with the website can be hacked.

The internet would be a safer place if all website traffic was encrypted and Google is trying to pressure companies into encrypting their websites with the HTTPS protocol by warning users about unencrypted sites. Beginning in October, Google’s Chrome browser will display the message “Not Secure” in the address bar when users interact with an unencrypted web-page.

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