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Hero or villain, the Madeline saga.


So we have this girl who walked around topless at a party ground in Giborne, NZ. This girl made news headlines all week. Girl claims she had been sexually assaulted, harassed. I beg to differ. This girl is an attention seeker, and an abusive human being.

Let me explain, she keeps saying she is not an attention seeker, she is only expressing her freedom. Yet some RANDOM WOMAN took a video of her glittering her breasts in the sun, bouncing. Even some RANDOM WOMAN noticed and started recording.

Right at the moment this alleged molester “touched” her. Innocent until proven guilty, right? That’s the American way right? The western way?

She also said in her follow up video that there were MANY who were NAKED, so, how come this RANDOM WOMAN only happened to have taken her? Not the tens or hundreds of other nakeds?

It is staged, poorly done too! All done in the name of a feminist ego boost. Sure, the opportunistic pig should not have done what he had done, but taking the matter in her own hands, that is something else. Did you see the man successfully touch her breasts area? I didn’t.

And the media has blown it out of proportion, taking only one side of the story. THIS WAS STAGED! Do you agree?

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