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Adult Chitchat

Ladies, do you prefer your man with or without


Penis ring! That’s right, the penis ring. Just putting it out there.

How they work

To understand a penis-ring you need to understand the erection: An erection happens when arousal causes the brain to send signals to the specialized blood vessels in the penis. Blood flow to the penis is vastly increased and this specialized penile tissue is engorged. Increased blood flow during sexual arousal and throughout activity keeps this tissue engorged, which has the effect of maximizing the size the tissue can expand to, and hardening the penis in the process.

When Do You Use A Penis Ring?

Rings are most commonly worn for the following reasons:

  • To create firmer and longer lasting erections
  • To have more intense orgasms
  • To make the penis look longer and thicker
  • To assist someone who has trouble maintaining an erection
  • To assist someone who ejaculates too fast

So, what do you ladies think? Yes or no? Comment below.

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