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Move your domain day with NameCheap and save big!



NameCheap loves Internet freedom. That’s why they’re donating up to $1.50 per domain transfer to the Electronic Frontier Foundation when you switch to them on Move Your Domain Day, on March 6. Each transfer is only $3.98, saving you up to 88%, plus they’re offering a year of SSL and Private Email totally free. Everybody wins!

Transfer Your Domain to Namecheap

EFF helps defend civil liberties in the digital world. The more domains you transfer, the more you can help EFF and Namecheap keep the Internet the way we love it.

Namecheap has raised over $350,000 for EFF and we hope to significantly add to that on Move Your Domain Day.

  • They donate up to $1.50 per domain to the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • You save up to 88% and get a year of free SSL and Private Email
  • The more domains transferred, the more they can raise!
  • Domains included: .com .net .org .biz .info .us .me .co .io

Transfer Your Domain and Save the Net!

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