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Mystery shopping – worth the effort?


So, as you would imagine, being a male companion, a straight one at that, one would not be making any serious money, and generally need a top up. This is why I have been asking myself the above question. Is mystery shopping worth the effort?

So What Actually is a Mystery Shopper?

A Mystery Shopper is a person that has been assigned a job from an agency to go to a particular shop and critique the customer service given by that store. It is invaluable for larger chains to see if their staff are doing their job correctly or to locate a potential problem. But not only do you need to do the mystery shop, you need to retain all the information gathered on the mission (such as the sales persons name, how they greeted you, how long it took to be served etc) and wrote it all up in a fairly detailed report which has to be submitted back to the agency usually within a 24 hour period. You need to keep it all top secret!

How Much do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid?

Here’s the bad news. In my limited experience, not much. There are however, jobs that pay at least $75.00 for a good snooping at a vehicle dealership. Some stores offer no money at all but a voucher for the shop instead. However, if you are a Mum at home and you regularly go to the shops anyway, have a great memory and can write a mean report, it’s a good way to keep up your skills if you are planning on going back to work. Plus it is kinda fun! Most agencies do request that you don’t take friends or children along with you.

How Do I Go About Becoming a Mystery Shopper?

Well, I applied to one of the multitudes of mystery shopper agencies on-line (I will try and list a few below). You need to fill out an on-line application form, and I had to do a 20-minute phone interview with the agency as well before I was approved. These agencies are looking for people that have excellent writing and communication skills, a good memory, can think on their feet and are reliable. Like every job, it isn’t for everyone. Some Australian agencies to try to include (these are just from a Google search – do your homework).

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t fail to plan: Use Google Maps to plan your route as a circle that leads back to your house. Try to fit the longer journeys in with other things in that area, like going to a park or visiting family.
  • Stick to the script: Create a simple script filled with yes-or-no questions to ask each employee you interact with, most of the time, it has been created for you. It’s their responsibility to take the conversation further, not yours.
  • Leave the kids at home or school.
  • Never miss deadline or you won’t get paid! Always, always, always plan to log everything as soon as you leave the store or once you get home, no matter what.

Here are the list of agencies you can give a shot in 2017:

Feel free to comment anything else you have found!

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