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Series of handy tips – move away from your ISP provided email


So Vodafone today is shutting down their email services, and Xtra had a fair bit of issues when upgrading their system. Don’t you think it is time to move and away from the ISP provided email?

Early ISP provided email as a service to their customers, as well as being a very useful free service for customers, it was also an important tool for service providers. They realised changing an email address would, in future, be as painful as changing phone numbers. By giving everyone an email account, they discouraged customers from switching between ISPs whenever a better deal was available.

Testament to the success of that strategy is the number of people who have an ISP-based email address they can’t let go of. Anywho, there are plenty of services you can go to, GMail is one, Microsoft’s Outlook.com is another. If you own an Android, GMail is a no brainer, and if you own Apple devices, I would suggest using Outlook, as active sync works better on the Apple native email client.

Follow this post to ‘migrate’ with less pain. And if you have got a domain somewhere, and want to use it with your website, follow my post on how to do it on the cheap.

Have fun, folks.

Tayne Gonzales

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