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What is your favourite WordPress Theme?


If you have been checking out my website, today I have been playing around with various themes. Question is what is your favourite WordPress theme?

One of the first things you need to think about when you start your on-line business venture is how your site is going to look. It’s crucial to offer high-quality content that engages the audience. For that, you will need a premium theme.

If you don’t have any background in site administration, the best platform for your site is WordPress. Lack of experience is not the only reason for which you should choose WordPress and your site’s platform. This content management system is also time-saving, highly organized and reliable. These features are the reasons for which WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. Both experienced and newbie site administrators and web designers are using it for their sites.

How We Chose Our List of Popular Premium Themes
To start with, there really is no standard definition of “popular” when it comes to WordPress themes. A theme can be considered popular based on the number of downloads, installs or sales (i.e. quantitative), or based on the reputation or brand awareness (i.e. qualitative).

Both measures of assessing a theme have their challenges. Using numbers seems like it would be the most objective method, but in many cases those figures are not available. While marketplaces like ThemeForest do show the number of sales, private theme shops often do not share their figures, making comparisons difficult.

The other route of deciding on the most popular themes based on name recognition, brand awareness, or reputation is not an exact science. You could perhaps try to measure search engine queries for theme names, but there is still some bias likely to be introduced.

Ultimately, there is a large element of unavoidable subjectivity in the process of identifying popular themes.

So, what’s yours?



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