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Why you must back up your site?


Yesterday, I had a misfortune of a database meltdown. A number of PHP errors cropped up, and I was about ready to give up. Until I clicked! I have paid a subscription to the lowest priced JetPack personal services. It includes vaultpress, an online back up. This is why you must back up your site! You may think you’ve got WordPress all worked out, and that there’s no need to worry that anything will go wrong — but, the truth is, there will always be things outside your control that are impossible to predict, such as a determined hacker, a severe hosting outage, broken updates, human error and/or compatibility issues (to name a few).

The best defence against any sort of security threat is having a complete up to date backup of your site. Backups are one thing that every blogger/webmaster should have. If you are updating your site daily, then you should have daily backups. If your site is really huge and get a lot of comments then you should consider having backups few times a day. We are not suggesting that WordPress is unsafe or anything. All we are suggesting is that if big government sites can be hacked, then so can yours.. WordPress media library stores images by year and month. If you don’t have the exact order, then you are out of luck. To get rid of the headache of backing up and for peace of mind, we chose to use VaultPress.

VaultPress was started by Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder) and his team (Automattic). These guys can be trusted. VaultPress makes real-time backup of WPBeginner. It is totally hassle free. All you have to do is put your API Key and let the magic happen.

The only downside to VaultPress is that it is a monthly recurring fee. If you run multiple sites, the cost can get pretty outrageous.

I’m grateful that I have done this, I reinstalled WordPress and restored my last backup. Now I’m back, in no time at all.

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